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Happy Clients

Natasha McKnight, Satisfied Beauty Customer

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Shelley Chapman, The Food Relationship Coach™ at Eat. Relate. Love. 

Services Provided: Beauty Makeup for Media Promotion Photography Shoot

I was inspired by Ivy’s art after seeing numerous tweets and posts on her social media feed.  Her ability to take color and apply it to the human canvas is remarkable and it was evident that she understood how to paint a range of emotions without making her clients look like amateur clowns.

I hired Ivy as a makeup artist for an aphrodisiac foods photo shoot for my website.  I was very impressed with how Ivy listened to vision of the two looks for the shoot.  She also did a fine job of integrating the ever changing directions into her work.  I tend to micromanage, which can be a challenge for some, yet Ivy was very professional and delivered an awesome look for my photo shoot.
I highly recommend Ivy for your Film, Fashion, Commercial, Television or Stills production.  I trust that you will be pleased with her professionalism, creativity, and patience.

Shelley Chapman
The Food Relationship Coach™


Lynn Lawson, Owner of Lani B. Holistic Lip Care

Services Provided: Beauty Makeup  for Business Grand Opening

My name is Lynn Lawson and I am the Founder of Lani B. Holistic Lip care. I have had the pleasure to work with Ivy LaArtista as a make-up artist on several occasions.

Ivy is a wonderfully-creative artist who is very conscientious and professional. She is very detail-oriented, works well with all types of personalities, has a positive attitude, and is eager to bring out the best attributes of her clients.

Ivy would be an asset to any client or beauty team and I wholeheartedly endorse her and her make-up artistry. I will continue to use her services and will recommend her to others.


Lynn Lawson, Holistic Lip Care Expert
Lani B. Holistic Lip Care


Natasha McKnight, Mother

Services Provided: Beauty Makeup & Teen Makeup for Family Photography

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Ivy La Artista, Make-Up Artist
This is a letter of reference for Make-Up Artist, Ivy LaArtista, from Atlanta, Ga . My name is Natasha Mcknight and my daughter Shania and I were recent clients of Ivy’s during a photo session.

When we arrived for our photo session Ivy talked with us to see what we had in mind as far as makeup. Being that my daughter was only 15 I wanted her to look her age. Ivy did a fantastic job capturing both her age as well as her beauty. When it came to my makeup I gave Ivy free reign to do whatever she wanted. When she was done and I looked in the mirror I was shocked, I had never seen myself look so good. All of her professionalism, precision to detail and, outstanding talent came out in my fabulous makeup. Ivy LaArtista would definitely be an asset to any professional Film, Fashion, Television, Commercial or Stills production or someone looking to have a fabulous glam makeover.

Natasha Mcknight


April Goodjoines, Mommie to Be

Services Provided: Beauty Makeup for Maternity Shoot

I can honestly say that I have never seen myself made up like this before . Looking so natural and flawless I was amazed that it lasted the entire day. I was so pleased.  I really can’t thank you enough for the care and laughs you gave to me the day of my maternity shoot. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone! Don’t forget I will be using your services on my wedding day☺


Kahran Hill, Owner of Creative Soul Photography

Services Provided: Professional Makeup Art for Photography Clients

I first met Ivy in 2010 through a mutual friend. Ivy and I both agreed to partner in a blog contest that would promote all three companies. Ivy’s professionalism was apparent during the contest shoot and I was instantly pleased with Ivy’s work. After the shoot, I knew that Ivy was someone I wanted to connect with further, so we met to discuss how we could both partner together in the future. Afterwards, I began to refer my clients to Ivy as one of my preferred vendors. Since then, I’ve worked with Ivy on several shoots and all of my clients have been 100% satisfied. Ivy’s strengths are her attention to detail to in her work, outstanding talent, positive attitude and her ability to connect with her clients. Ivy Cooper is definitely an asset to any team. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any additional information.


Kahran Hill Owner, CreativeSoul Photography


De’Vaughn D. A. Harris, CEO/Photographer of Motifs by Design Studios, Inc

Services Provided: Professional Photography and Media Makeup for Clients

To Whom It May Concern: This letter is a reference for Makeup Artist, Ivy Cooper from Atlanta, Ga. My name is De’Vaughn Harris and I am the CEO of Motifs By Design Studios, Inc. I have worked with Ivy for the last 3 years and she has been a wonderful edition to our company’s growth and progress. Ivy has worked on many of our photo shoots and has provided excellent client service with great professionalism. We know that we can rely on her to bring high quality make up artistry to the set and is very prompt in getting the models to set when called upon. We can say that we would use her again and would recommend her to other businesses and individual clients looking for a make-up artist.

De’Vaughn D. A. Harris