OGX is the common brand of shampoos and conditioners available in the online market. It is a brand owned by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. they have a huge variety of shampoos which are really been loved by the consumers. Their products are cruelty-free and have minimum or no chemicals in the. They are more herbal and organic shampoos. These do not cause cancer cells to form in our bodies like parabene or sulfates do. Instead, OGX has the aim to replenish and nourish our hair through organic matters.

It deeply cleanses our hair from the scalp, removes all the dirt and pollutants present in our hair inherited by the unhealthy environment, resolves dandruff issues, diminishes frizz by deeply nourishing your hair from roots to tip, prevents hair fall by making the hair follicles strong.

How to Choose a Shampoo

Some of the common chemicals used in making of a shampoo

Generally, shampoos have some harmful substances in them. The harsh chemicals used in them might be the reason for various diseases and allergies. Surfactant like sodium Lauryl sulfate is the most dangerous among them. It is known for the formation of cancerous cells gradually in our bodies. Some other chemicals like parabene, work as preservatives but are too, extremely destructive for our cells and tissues. So, selecting the best one with organic components is highly suggested to prevent you from terminal diseases.

Hair problems and hair types

There are shampoos that are completely manufactured fir your hair types; you just need to recognize your hair type. If selected wrongly, it can have adverse impacts on your hair as well as the skin of your head. Your scalp can be oily, dry or normal.

Your hair might be having issues with volume, frizz, dandruff, roughness, hair fall, etc. there are various types of shampoos available in the beauty market for these problems too. You have to pick the suitable one for your hair.

How often should you take a head bath?

Bathing your hair daily will definitely damage your hair and promotes hair fall, dandruff, greasiness, and frizz. So, you have to set a time schedule for washing your hair and be consistent in following that pattern. Some points are advised here:

Washing your hair is once or twice a week is okay if you have dry hair.

But if you have oily hair, you might be washing them on a daily basis.

People having normal hair types are desired to wash them whenever they want to.

Factors to know before choosing your favorite OGX Shampoo

Know its components

The first step you should take is to think about what kind of shampoo you want to choose. If you have a normal hair type, you have a variety to choose from them. But you have to be extra cautious if you have highly dry or oily hair. It is advised to firstly determine your hair type.

Say no to chemicals

OGX products contain organic ingredients in them which does not cause any harm to your hair. They are made up of herbal substances like eucalyptus oil, mint and coconut milk, etc.

Nourishment factor

OGX shampoos have high protein in them. It rejuvenates your dull and damaged hair and makes them look gorgeous again by replenishing them. It thoroughly cherishes your scalp from the core which makes them healthy.

Hair fall control

OGX has specific shampoos made for creating a Rapunzel impact on your hair by making it long and creating volume in them. It protects your roots from the breakage and strengthens your hair follicles.

Know your budget

Deciding your budget is an important matter. OGX has a wide range of shampoos in the online market available at different prices. You just have to fix your budget and then go for the suitable one for you. Products for normal hair types are generally less expensive.

Know your hair type

If you have dry hair type, you should use the best OGX shampoo with Shea butter or any hydrating oil in it. Your hair needs enough hydration due to them being extremely parched. OGX will help you sort this issue.

How to Choose a Shampoo

Kind of shampoos depending on your hair

For excessively oily hair

Avoid applying oils and milk substances when having an oily scalp. Oily hair means your sebaceous glands are already producing excess sebum so you need to balance that condition. Bathing with oily and milky products might cause greasiness in hair.

To straighten curly hair

Collagen and vitamin B7 is known to straighten curls in your hair and you will notice a beautiful change in your hair in one application or two. It is highly recommended to not do the use straightening irons or strengtheners, as they cause great harm to your natural hair. Instead, use an organic shampoo for naturally straightens them.

For fine hair

Using shampoos and conditions consisting of mint and eucalyptus is proved to be the one suitable for fine hair.

For removing dandruff

Coconut water is rich in electrolytes, which assists you in removing the patchiness from your hair. Dandruff is the flakiness of skin that is caused when your hairs are not properly nourished and due to the disturbed ph balance in your scalp.

To stop the thinning of hair

Stress is the major cause of thinning of hair and less volume in hair. OGX shampoo with coconut oil in it the best one to make your hair more voluminous.

To control frizzy hair

Frizz is generally caused by split ends, you should regularly get your hair trimmed down from a salon, otherwise, use the OGX shampoo and conditioner having tea tree and mint shampoo in it. It pampers your hair and resolves the tangles in them by gently rubbing your scalp with it while taking a shower.

To deeply cleanse

The pollutants and dirt accumulated in your hair are so stubborn to get away, what you have to do is to select the OGX shampoo with charcoal in it. Charcoal has dirt eradicating properties in it which helps in the thorough removal of any dirt and harmful pollutants from your hair.