Ivy LaArtista

Beautiful Creatively Inspired

Who is Ivy?

Hello Beautiful One,

I consider it an honor to have the God-given talent to be a Makeup Artist. The most unique thing about being a Makeup Artist is that each “canvas” is different. No two are ever the same. A canvas with a soul is an absolutely Divine experience because; it is not about the appearance of the person. It is about discovering the fullness of the beauty from within. The most fulfilling thing is to paint the “canvas” of a person and they look in the mirror and… IT happens. A connection between the beauty of the soul INSIDE and the beauty of the canvas OUTSIDE…they see something in the mirror that brings forth the passion of LIFE! They see the power of their eyes, the glow of their cheek bones, the strength of their jaw line, the suppleness of their lips. I have been given the honor of connecting women with the uniqueness of their “canvas”. It is overwhelming to fathom that The Creator chose me to carry out His creativity. My art is displayed on the face of humans…not hallways or galleries. Another human being trusts me enough to allow me to create my ART on their face. I am forever grateful and always humble.

Creatively Insipired,
Ivy LaArtista™

With what I have learned so far in life, I give back to the world.  I use my artistic talent as a makeup artist to help women “Discover the fullness of their beauty”.  I use my passion for social change as the founder and Body Relationship Coach  of See Boy. Love Self., a  I also express myself authentically with words and bare my thoughts, feelings, and passions through Naked Blogging™.   As I grow along, I am learning how to create an amazing tapestry of all these things to fulfill my Purpose.